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Match by Match- results, teams, scorers, reports etc:
First Team Reserves
Player totals- appearances, scorers etc (First Team Only):
Because of limited information on reserve matches totals have not been produced for the reserve team.
Combined Excel Spreadsheets for First Team and Reserves:
Other Items (Items marked * have already been linked via the season review):
Letter to Surrey Comet and W. G. Carn response suggesting an amalgamation of the Kingston Associaition Football Teams 29 Apr 1893 and 6 May 1893*
Progress on amalgamation articles from Surrey Comet and Surrey Advertiser Sep 1893 *
Announcement of new club- Surrey Comet & Surrey Advertiser 16 Sep 1893 *
R.N. Ferguson (first president of Kingston-on-Thames F.C.) article from Surrey Advertiser 16 Sep 1893
Football Association requirement that clubs could only play matches against other clubs who were affiliated to the F.A. from Surrey Advertiser 7 Oct 1893 *
Review of progress of the new club in Kingston & Richmond Express dated 20 Oct 1893
T. Stevenson biography in Surrey Advertiser dated 28 Oct 1893
Kingston Moths nickname origins from Kingston Express dated 3 Nov 1893
Report on Smoking concert held at the Cricketers from Surrey Comet dated 20 Jan 1894
Reports on complaint from Ferry Works and reply from Kingston-On-Thames concerning postponement of match in Surrey Comet Feb 1894 *
Annual General Meeting from Surrey Comet dated 5 May 1894 *