Sat 7 April 1894
Kingston-on-Thames 3-0 Peckham (HT: 2-0)
Kemp, Priestley (2).
Played at Kingston F.C. Rugby Ground (Richmond Road) as part of a Charity Festival.

This annual festival took place on Saturday, on the ground of the Kingston F.C., in Richmond-road. There was only a moderate attendance, the beautifully fine weather no doubt luring people to the river or elsewhere. Two matches were played, one under Association rules, between Kingston-on-Thames and Peckham, and one under Rugby rules, between Kingston and Mr. H. E. Steed's fifteen. Following are details:-
The visitors, who came with a good reputation, not having lost a match in their league competition, put in an appearance about 3 o'clock, but unfortunately three of their players had missed the train, and did not arrive for some quarter of an hour after the game commenced. Some good substitutes, however, were found till the regular players appeared. The home team won the toss, and selected to play with the wind behind them.

On lining out it was apparent that the visitors were heavier than the local eleven, and they immediately carried the ball down and tested the home defence; their final shot, however, went wide. From the kick out Ocock and Humphrey raced off on the right and the visitors' goal was threatened, but the backs (who were the best of the team) averted danger, and a further invasion of the home citadel took place, the goal keeper meeting a straight hard shot and returning it well up the field. Kemp, who played well throughout, got possession in mid-field and eluding the opposing backs scored with a nice shot which Austin touched but could not stop.

Encouraged by this success the homesters played up, Ocock and Humphrey bringing the ball down. Priestly shot in and Austen tried to dribble away, being too much hustled to get a clear throw, but Priestly again got possession, and the goal being open had no difficulty in putting on a second point. This was the state of the game at half-time.

With the wind at their backs it was expected the visitors would make a better show, and this proved to be the case, their left wing coming away nicely, but the shooting was poor and several openings were lost. They kept up the pressure for some time, and Lanham had one or two nice shots to dispose of, which he did satisfactorily. Kemp put in a good run and finished with a nice centre, but Priestly handled the ball in front of goal and a free kick was awarded. Peckham came away again, and good play between Churchill and Craig in defending was cheered by the spectators.

The visitors had several good tries hereabouts, but Peck, Borlase and Craig put in some good work, and Lloyd getting possession dribbled down and passed out to Kemp, who finished up his run with a good centre, from which Priestly scored again. The Leaguers pressed rather severely for the last few minutes, but could not score, and so retired defeated by three goals to nil.

The combination was rather poor on both sides, but the backs of both teams played well. The left wing and centre of the visitors were most prominent forward, while Kemp was quite the best of the Kingstonians' attacking line.

Kingston: Lanham, goal; Craig and Peck, backs; Churchill, Lloyd and Borlase, half-backs; Ocock, Humphreys, Priestly, Kemp and Howard, forwards.
Peckham; H. Austen, goal; E. Hardman and J. Young, backs; J. Chivers, W. J. Cawley and W. J. Hart, half-banks; E. A. Gale, H. Evans, T. Webb, J. Mayer and A. Haslam, forwards.

Report from Surrey Comet dated 14 Apr 1894- see report in original format.

Preview of the Charity Festival from Surrey Comet dated 7th April 1894-
see report in original format.

Kingston footballers and their friends should muster in full force to-day (Saturday) on the Richmond-road ground, to "assist" at the Charity Festival in aid of the Surbiton Cottage Hospital. Two matches will be played, the first under Association rules between the Kingston-on-Thames and Peckham clubs, to be followed by one under Rugby rules, in which the Kingston club will be opposed by a strong fifteen got together by Mr. H. E. Steed, the honorary secretary of the Surrey Rugby Union. The following are the teams:-
Kingston-on-Thames: Lanham, goal; Craig and Peck, backs; Churchill, Lloyd and Borlase, half-backs; Ocock, Humphreys, A. N. Other, Kemp and Howard, forwards.
Peckham: H. Austen, goal; E. Hardman and J. Young, backs; J. Chivers, W. H. Cawley and W. J. Hart, half-backs; E. A. Gale, Hy. Evans, T. Webb, J. Mayer and A. Haslam, forwards.
Referee, Captain R. D. Lawrence.

1. Fred Lanham
2. Arthur Peck
3. Jack Craig
4. H.C. Churchill
5. P.G. Lloyd
6. S. Borlasse
7. Billy Ocock
8. H. Humphreys
9. T. Priestley
10. W. Howard
11. Jack Kemp