Sat 20 January 1894
Kingston-on-Thames 1-0 Croydon Park (HT: 1-0)


The Kingstonians were seen at their best on Saturday, when they met and defeated the well-known "Park" team by one goal to nil- a score which about rightly indicates the play and evidences the fact that the game was keenly and evenly contested.

Peck having won the toss chose to play with the wind. Croydon started and immediately made tracks for the Kingston goal, and early in the game gave the home backs to understand they meant business. Craig, however, was in great form, and checked many a dangerous rush by the Park forwards. Ocock and Humphrey made some good runs on the right, and after twenty minutes play Kemp received the ball, and with a swift side shot put the leather into the net. A little later Marsh came through and had a good chance, but slipped when taking his shot, and the ball went just outside the post. Howard, who played capitally throughout, put in a stinger, which May saved in first-class style, and the whistle sounded half time with the score- Kingston 1, Croydon 0.

On resuming play was again very fast. Cash and Spofforth both showed up well for the visitors, but kept on the ball too long, and gave Churchill and Deane plenty of time to tackle them, which they did effectually. The wind kept the ball on one side of the ground, and Kemp and Howard were doing most of the work. A melee occurred in front of the Park goal, and the ball was all but through, but the visiting backs kicked strongly and averted danger, and the final score was as above stated.

The Croydon halves were the weak part of the team, the forwards were quick on the ball, and the backs and goal-keeper made no mistakes; but the whole team suffered a little from lack of combination. Craig, Churchill, Deane, Kemp, and Howard were best for Kingston.

Sides:-Croydon Park: C. G. May, goal ; R. E. Hall and L. K. Watson, backs; E. S. Adeney, J. G. Hawke, and W. H. Tomkins, half-backs; H. J. Cash and T. A. Watson (right), W. H. Roche (centre), E. Fagin and J. A. H. Spofforth (left), forwards.
Kingston-on-Thames: A. Hill, goal; A. Peck and J. Craig, backs; H. C. Churchill, P. G. Lloyd, and J. Deane, half-backs; W. Ocock and H. Humphrey (right), P. Marsh (centre), W. Howard and J. Kemp (left), forwards. Referee, Mr. W. G. Carn.

Report from Surrey Comet dated 27 Jan 1894- see report in original format.

Croydon Park again managed to lose, this time by a goal to nil, but without the services of the Lachlans, Tomkins, and Lunnon, it was not a representative team that went over to
The weak point was forward, and had the forwards - one of whom was a sub, and the other quite a new man - been able to shoot at all, Kingston would not have won the match. Any port in a storm, and so with Park, they had to fly to what help they could get, and therefore cannot blame the strangers for the defeat.

Report from Croydon Guardian dated 27 Jan 1894- see report in original format.

1. A. Hill
2. Arthur Peck
3. Jack Craig
4. H.C. Churchill
5. P.G. Lloyd
6. J. Deane
7. Billy Ocock
8. H. Humphreys
9. Philip Marsh
10. W. Howard
11. Jack Kemp