Sat 9 December 1893
Surrey Junior Cup 2nd Round
Hampton Court & East Molesey 2-1 Kingston-on-Thames (HT: 1-1)


This tie was re-played at Hampton Court on Saturday, before a large crowd of spectators, who enthusiastically received the East Molesey victory by two goals to one. The game was very even at the start, but Kingston, much to the delight of their supporters, were the first to score. Their triumph, however, was short-lived, for W. L. Andrews rushed the ball through and equalised.

On changing over the home team pressed, and H. Dobby placed Molesey ahead, and the match resulted as stated above. For the winners, W. L. Andrews, H. and S. Gregory, E. Dobby, and Wheatley were seen to advantage. For Kingston, Roper, Peck, and Buckwell were conspicuous.

East Molesey.- C. Helyer, goal; C. H. Gregory and F. Stansland, backs; J. Wheatley, E. Dobby, and C. Ive, half-hacks; W. L. Andrews, centre; S. Gregory and H. Dobby, left wing; W. H. Martin and J. Ives, right wing.
Kingston.- Lanham, goal; Peck and Buckwell, backs; Taylor, Lloyd, and Churchill, half backs; Kemp, Roper, Priestley, Humphreys, and Ocock, forwards

Report from Surrey Advertiser dated 16 Dec 1893- see report in original format.

The tie in the second round of the Surrey Association Junior Cup competition, between Kingston-on-Thames and East Molesey and Hampton Court teams, was - at the third time of asking - brought to a satisfactory conclusion on Saturday on Hampton Court-green. It will be remembered that when the match was first played Kingston protested that the ground was unfit for a cup tie, and the protest was upheld. The teams met again on the 2nd, when the frost had made the ground too hard, and it was decided to postpone the game for a week. A great amount of interest was centered in the match, and the players were cheered on during the play by their respective enthusiastic partisans. Molesey did most of the pressing, but the Kingston goal-keeper, Lanham, was in good form, and stopped many well-intentioned shots in a surprising manner. The game was keenly fought out to the end, and the result was in favour of Molesey by two goals to one. East Molesey have now to meet Ewell in the third round.

Report from Surrey Comet dated 16 Dec 1893- see report in original format.


These clubs re-played their tie contest in the second round of the Surrey Junior Cup Competition on Hampton Court Green last Saturday, when Kingston was again beaten. The weather was favourable, the ground in fairly good condition, and a very large assembly of spectators displayed the greatest interest in the match. The game was an unusually well contested one, and until the very last moment it seemed likely to end in a draw. Kingston were the first to score, by the aid of Kemp, but Molesey equalled just before half-time. On the second half the game was of a most exciting nature, and it was only three minutes before time when Molesey, with the aid of Andrews, their centre, taking advantage of an opening, shot successfully. Molesey thus were victors by two goals to one, and their friends were most jubilant. For Molesey, Gregory and H. Dobby, on the left wing, with Andrews at centre, and E. Dobby at half-back, worked well; while for Kingston, Roper, Ocock, and Humphrey deserve special mention for their splendid play. Mr. Girling, of the Referees' Association, was referee.

Report from Surrey Mirror dated 16 Dec 1893- see report in original format.

It is gratifying to have to record that at length Kingston-on-Thames and East Molesey and Hampton Court have met and decided their cup tie. The Green at Hampton Court was the battle ground and was moreover in capital condition, and the weather leaving nothing to be desired, partizans of the two clubs mustered in goodly numbers. The game was stubbornly contested throughout, and when the Kingstonians notched the first goal their followers were jubilant. Soon afterwards, however, the local players equalised and crossed over with the score at
one goal each.

In the second half Molesey adopted forcing tactics, the play generally being in the Kingston territory, but it was not till close upon the call of time that their efforts were rewarded by goal number two being registered, and this gave them the day by two goals to one. E. Dobby played a splendid game for the winners, and J. Wheatley, the brothers Gregory, Andrews and Hilyer, also deserve honourable mention. Lanham was a tower of defence for the Kingstonians, and Peck as usual worked hard.

Report from Kingston Express dated 15 Dec 1893- see report in original format.

1. Fred Lanham
2. Arthur Peck
3. A. Buckwell
4. H.C. Churchill
5. P.G. Lloyd
6. H. Taylor
7. Billy Ocock
8. H. Humphreys
9. T. Priestley
10. J.N. Roper
11. Jack Kemp