Sat 18 November 1893
Surrey Junior Cup 2nd Round
Hampton Court & East Molesey 5-1 Kingston-on-Thames (HT: 2-1)

Scorer not known.

Match ordered to be replayed after appeal on condition of ground.

This tie was played at Hampton Court in miserable weather on Saturday, and resulted in a decisive win for East Molesey by five goals to one. The visitors protested before the start as to the incomplete marking of the ground, and later on claimed that the field of play had become unfit for play. The game, however, was fought to a finish. Both teams were handicapped by the wind and rain, and the play was very uninteresting. Aided by the wind Kingston were the first to score, but Gregory equalised for Molesey, and W. L. Andrews, who was Playing with great dash, put Molesey ahead.

On changing over, Andrews, Martin, and Dobbey each registered a point for Molesey. The home forwards were well together, and the halves showed to advantage, whilst Peck was conspicuous for the losers.

Kingston.- F. C. Lanham, goal; A. Peck and J. Buckwell, backs; H. C. Churchill, P. G. Lloyd, and H. Taylor, half-backs; J. Kemp, J. H. Roper, F. Priestly, W. Humphrey, and W. Ocock. Forwards.
East Molesey.- C. Helyer, goal; C. H. Gregory and P. Stansland, backs; J. Wheatly, E. Dobby,
and C. Ive, half-backs; W. I. Andrews, Centre; S. Gregory and H. Dobby, left wing; W. H. Martin and J. Ives, right wing.

Report from Surrey Advertiser dated 25 Nov 1893- see report in original format.

On Saturday this match in the second round of the Surrey Junior Cup was played on Hampton Court green. Rain and sleet fell all the time, not only adding to the discomfiture of the contesting teams and spectators, but making the Green in a terrible state, and judging from an outsider's opinion totally unfit to play on. Good form could not be expected on such a ground. Molesey succeeded in scoring five goals and Kingston one. We understand that the Kingston men have lodged a protest on the ground that the green was unfit for a cup tie and also that the linesmen did not carry flags. This protest will be discussed by the County Association at an early date.

Report from Surrey Comet dated 25 Nov 1893- see report in original format.

Report on successful appeal in Kingston Express dated 1st December 1893- see report in original format.

The dispute between the Kingston "moths" (I dearly love that name, somehow it recalls such a delightful odour of camphor) and East Molesey has been settled. The teams, it will be remembered, were arrayed against each other in the Junior Cup and the "Moths" were beaten. They complained of certain irregularities as to the marking of the ground, etc., and appealed, with the result that the Association has ordered them to play again at Hampton Court.
The following team will represent Kingston: Lanham (goal); Peck and Buckwell (backs); Taylor, Lloyd and Churchill (half-backs); Kemp, Piper, Priestly, Humphrey and Ocock (forwards.) Kick off at 2.30 sharp. Cab from Kingston Station at 2 o'clock

1. Fred Lanham
2. Arthur Peck
3. A. Buckwell
4. H.C. Churchill
5. P.G. Lloyd
6. H. Taylor
7. Billy Ocock
8. H. Humphreys
9. T. Priestley
10. J.N. Roper
11. Jack Kemp