Report on derivation of Kingston Moths nickname from Kingston Express dated 3 November 1893.

I hope the new Kingston club, which has the Borough Arms on its breast, will not take it too sorely to heart to find themselves described in the Football Sun on Saturday night as "Kingston Moths," as I can assure them no offence was probably intended. The mistake very likely occured in this way. The local reporter of The Sun, who is an old and valued friend of Triatomic, in sending the result of the match with Townley Park, wrote "Kingston-on-Thames" in full, but it is highly probable that the telegraphic scribe who recieved it at the other end of the wire wrote it in its contracted form "Kingston-on-Ths," and as some telegraphic clerks write a fist that can scarcely be discerned from Egyptian hieroglyphics, the "On-Ths" might very easily be mistaken by the intelligent comp. for "Moths."

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