Report on formation of Kingston-on-Thames F.C. from Surrey Comet dated 16 September 1893.

AT a public meeting held on Wednesday evening at the Griffin Hotel, it was decided to establish an Association Football Club to be called the Kingston Association F.C., and officers were elected. The main object that was aimed at when the question was first mooted - that of amalgamating the various clubs of the town - has not, however, been attained, as neither the club connected with the 31st R.D., the Kingston Y.M.I. Club, nor the Middle Mill Club could join in, as their fixtures for the season were made. Another year may perhaps bring about the desired effect.

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A meeting for the purpose of inaugurating a new club for the town of Kingston was held at the Griflin Hotel, Kingston, on Wednesday evening. Mr R. N. Ferguson presided over a large company, including Messrs J. P. Asher (hon. treasurer, Surrey County Football Association), W. G. Carn, P. G. Lloyd, and Churchill (late Kingston Wanderers), J. N. Roper (late Malden F.C.), Stonehouse (Middle Mill), Privates Smith and Arnold (East Surrey Regimental District), &c.
The Chairman, after relating incidents of his own football days (reported under our football notes), gave it as his opinion that football promoted manliness among young men. Hitherto the Association game had not been altogether a success in Kingston, and he thought the reason of this was that there had been too many small clubs. Let them, however, make one good strong club, and he saw no reason why in the good time to come they should not bring home the Surrey Cup to Kingston (applause).
Mr W. G. Carn the promoter of the meeting, stated that he found that many players in Kingston were anxious to join a good Association club, and he was pleased to see such a company present at the outcome of his efforts. Unfortunately, that year he was afraid they would not be able to make quite so much success of the amalgamation of clubs as they could have wished, but perhaps this would come in time. He had already entered the club for the Surrey Junior Cup, and trusted they would figure well in the competition (applause).

Mr J. P. Asher also welcomed the establishment of a town club in Kingston, as it was the aim of his association to promote the game in Surrey. The county had already secured several valuable players from the neighbourhood of Kingston, and the were always willing to recognise new talent. For himself be would always be pleased to render any outside help to the club. It was then resolved that a club should be formed under the title of the Kingston-onThames Association Football Club. Suitable rules having been drafted, Mr R. N. Ferguson was elected president with acclamation, and a telegram was received from Sir Richard Temple, M.P., accepting office as vice-president, the election of other vice-presidents being left to the committee. Subject to his acceptance Mr Stevenson was appointed captain, and Mr Peck vice-captain, and Messrs P. G. Lloyd and W. G. Carn were elected hon. sectetary and hon. treasurer respectively. The following were apointed as the committee:- Messrs D. Judd, Potter, Stonehouse, Collins. Roper, Kemp, and Churchill. The majority of those present having given in their names as members, the meeting confirmed the entry to the Surrey Junior Cup, and the proceedings were brought to a close.