Reports on the progress of the proposed amalgamation during September 1893.

WE are pleased to hear that the scheme for the proposed amalgamation of Association football clubs in Kingston and district is still under consideration. Communications have been addressed to various gentlemen who hold or have held office in local clubs existing or defunct, among others being C. C. Thompson (East Surrey Regimental District), T. Stonehouse (Middle Mill), W. G. Carn (Saxons), J. N. Roper and G. W. Jones (Malden), P. G. Lloyd and C. Collins (Kingston Wanderers), all of whom are favourable to the proposition to establish one good club in Kingston in place of the several small clubs which have hitherto existed. Other representatives of athletic bodies have been communicated with. A preliminary meeting of these gentlemen will be held shortly to make arrangements for holding a public meeting on the subject. Meanwhile gentlemen unattached to any clubs and willing to play under Kingston colours are invited to communicate with J. N. Roper, 2, Acacia-grove, Malden; P. G. Lloyd, Brunswick-road, Kingston-hill; or W. G. Carn, St. James's-road, Kingston.

From Surrey Comet dated 2 Setember 1893- See report in original format.

WITH regard to the proposed amalgamation of Association Football Clubs in Kingston, we understand that the promoters of the movement are so satisfied with the prospects that an entry has been made for the Surrey County Junior Cup, and a provisional list of fixtures is being arranged. The East Surrey Regimental team cannot join in the scheme, as there are special circumstances that prevent them from doing so. A public meeting is to be held next Wednesday evening, at 8 o'clock, at the Griffin Hotel, under the presidency of Mr. R. N. Ferguson, and all those favourable to the scheme should attend and give it their support.

From Surrey Comet dated 9 September 1893- See report in original format.

KINGSTON-ON-THAMES- A new club under Association rules is being launched at Kingston under the title of Kingston-on-Thames F.C. For many years the want has been felt in the town of a really good Association club, and W. G. Carn, late of the Saxons F.C., has secured the assistance of several players in the district towards floating the concern. The first meeting will be held on Wednesday next, when all arrangements will be made, but no lack of players is anticipated. Already the club had applied to the S.C.F.A. for admission both to the Association itself and the Junior Cup.

From Surrey Advertiser dated 9 September 1893- See report in original format.