Letter to the Surrey Comet dated 29th April 1893 proposing the amalgamation of the Kingston Association Football clubs. together with the Surrey Comet reply .

"SOCKER" writes:- "I should like to call the attention of all interested to the present unsatisfactory condition of Association football in Kingston. Another season has just closed, and the game in the town is now worse represented than at any previous period (the East Surrey R.D. team excepted). Seeing that we have a ground in our midst second to none in the county of Surrey it does seem absurd that it should have to be acknowledged that there is not a single team of any note playing upon it. There is a Rugby club that is a credit to the town, and I see no reason why we should not have an Association team occupying the same proud position amongst lovers of this particular code.
I feel confident that there are the players in the town, but unfortunately they have been divided in the past among so many clubs. I should like to see an amalgamation of the clubs in Kingston, and thereby form one strong combination, by which probably three teams could be placed in the field each week, two of which would, I venture to say, soon make a name for themselves in Surrey football."

WE quite agree with our correspondent that it is high time that something was done by the "Socker" players of the town to concentrate their strength, and to enable them to hold their own against other Surrey towns, such as Guildford, Godalming, Reigate, &c., and to also make a bid for one or the other of the challenge trophies of the county. Now is a most opportune time for the discussion of this matter, so that some united course of action may be taken ere next season arrives, and we would suggest that a meeting of all interested in the game should be called at an early date with a view to the establishment of a "Kingston Association Football Club." There are, we are sure, influential gentlemen in the town who would, if approached, give the matter their support.

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Reply from William G Carn in a letter to the Surrey Comet dated 6th May 1893.

MR. WILLIAM G. CARN writes: "I was pleased to notice the remarks in your last issue as to the desirability of establishing a good Association Football Club in Kingston. I have been interested in this department of manly sport for the last seven years- in fact, I think I was one of the pioneers of the modern Association clubs in Kingston. I am quite of your correspondent's opinion that there should be no difficulty in getting together a team that should do as well as the Kingston Rugby Club have done under their code. Some four or five years ago I personally projected forming a Kingston Association Club, but after some correspondence with the Rugby club, who courteously but pointedly asked me to desist from forming a club with a name that might in some degree "clash" with theirs, I desisted; but I believe that this deference to the "premier" club tended to hamper the progress of the Association code here, as people in a large degree decline to recognise any club that cannot call themselves the "Kingston" club- Kingston "Rangers," Kingston "Rovers," and Kingston "Wanderers" all being ranked as small clubs unworthy of support. With the facilities we now possess for playing, and taking the population of our town into consideration, I consider it a shame to the locality to think we cannot put a team into the field equal to any in Surrey. I quite believe that if the present divided forces were amalgamated this would be done, and I shall be only too glad to lend my assistance in bringing such a state of things about. If your correspondent of last week will but persist in his course I think he will find plenty ready to support him."